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IHS MARKIT LTD. filed this Form 10-K on 01/18/2019
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and 6,200 marine vessels, and a database of 47,000 merger and acquisition transactions. We do this through a combination of energy technical information, analytical tools, and market forecasting and consulting. For instance, strategic planners, geoscientists, and engineers use our insight and leading geotechnical database and analytical tools to facilitate exploration, development, and production of energy assets. Some of our key offerings include the following:

Our Global Well, Production, Land, and Subsurface Content provides a comprehensive inventory of current and historical energy data. This content forms the basis for all of our upstream technical research, intelligence, analysis, and software portfolio.
The Kingdom/Harmony Suite provides leading-edge analysis of subsurface properties, including seismic interpretation and production estimation, for the geoscience and engineering markets globally.
Vantage is a global asset evaluation system that contains more than 23,000 oil and gas assets across the globe, performing forward-looking analysis of an asset’s expected return and permitting large-scale asset comparisons from distinct individual regions.
Companies and Transactions performs database-driven analysis of roughly 47,000 merger and acquisition transactions, as well as financial analysis of all major oil and gas companies globally.

Our midstream and downstream offerings provide market forecasting, midstream market analysis and supply chain data, refining and marketing economics, and oil product intelligence. For instance, we are a leading provider of pricing information for refined products on spot, rack, and retail markets. This information provides critical reference and benchmark information for buyers and sellers of refined products. We are also a leading supplier of bespoke consulting, providing strategic direction and capital investment advisory services. A key pricing product offering for our midstream and downstream offerings is the OPIS Spot Ticker, which allows almost a thousand petroleum wholesalers in North America to time their rack purchases in order to reduce expenditures on their fuel purchases.

Our PGCR offerings provide global and regional outlooks and forecasts for power, coal, gas, and renewable markets. Buyers and sellers in these markets use our studies to gain insight on market trends and fundamentals. In 2018, we launched an analytics platform for Liquefied Natural Gas (“LNG”), providing insights on supply and demand for this growing worldwide fuel.

Our Chemicals offerings include data for manufacturing processes, as well as capital expenditure, cost, price, production, trade, demand, and capacity industry analysis and forecasts for more than 250 chemicals in more than 110 countries. We also have an extensive library of detailed techno-economic analyses of chemicals and refining process technologies. We provide a number of consulting services, including training, strategy development, and project development offerings to the chemical and related industries. Our business information services track current events, supply high-velocity information, and hold conferences related to the chemical industry. Our chemical data, insights, and analysis help companies develop and deploy robust plans pertaining to capital deployment, operations, and risk mitigation.

In addition, we leverage our market leadership in these industries to convene global industry, government, and regulatory leaders in global and regional events, such as our annual CERAWeek and World Petrochemical conferences.


Our Transportation segment includes our Automotive offerings, which represent about 84 percent of the segment’s revenue, and our Maritime & Trade and Aerospace, Defense & Security offerings, which make up the balance of the segment’s revenue.

Automotive. We serve the full automotive value chain with a focus on original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”), parts suppliers, and dealers.

Within the new car market, we provide authoritative analysis and forecasts of sales and production for light vehicles, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, powertrain, components, and technology systems across all major markets. Our comprehensive forecast database covers 99 percent of global light vehicle sales and production. We forecast sales and production of more than 50,000 unique vehicle model variants, as well as more than 100 different vehicle systems, sub-systems, and components.

We also provide a wide range of performance measurement and marketing tools for carmakers, dealers, and agencies. We continue to leverage analytics and innovation to develop product and service offerings aimed at addressing needs across the value chain, including strategy and planning, marketing, sales, dealer services, and after sales. In the US,